Information Sheet







For Prospective Homes and/or stud services from the Salukis of Issíbaa, AKC registered





My primary concern is that the Saluki that I place, or stud service that I render, are in homes where they will receive the care and appreciation that I feel that they deserve. Filling out this form will tell me something about you as a dog owner. All Issíbaa Salukis are co-owned to protect them from multiple placements. I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about my 33 years in Salukis. Completion of this form puts you on the waiting list for an Issíbaa Saluki, as I do not ask for deposits.






Occupation of Husband:

Work Hours:

Occupation of Wife:

Work Hours:

Do you own or rent your home?

Briefly describe:


Do you have a fenced yard?


Do you have children?


Where are you dogs during the day?

Where are your dogs @ night?

List all the dogs (including Salukis) that you have owned during the past 10 years.
Please give the breed, date acquired and present location.


Please describe briefly, what are you looking for in a Saluki. Please include specific characteristics that you desire, including faults and virtues.


What is the name and address of your vet?

If you are looking for a pet, are you willing to spay or neuter before receiving the registration papers?

How would you exercise a Sighthound?

(Breeders) Please list all litters bred. State breed and date.

How do you control fleas on your property?

(Breeders) Do you breed without reservations?
If yes, do you have the space and means to keep all the puppies?

(Breeders) Do you feel responsible for any dog bred by you or sired by your stud?
Please Explain.

Please list any dog clubs that you belong to and any offices that you have held.

Please list 4 references including those you know who are in Salukis. Give names, address, phone e-mail and length of time known.




Please copy this form into an email and

e-mail to:


Or print it out and fax a filled in copy to 714 532 4825

If you have any questions, or want the mailing address to which to mail your application, you can phone Sharon and Jim Kinney at 714 532 4582